Landscaping Products

The team at Fine Form manufacture a range of products that include pavers, sleepers, garden edging and treerings. Pavers and finished slabs come in different dimensions ranging from 450mm*450mm up to 1m*1m. Different finishes are available.

Garden edging comes in lengths up to 1m and also have square corners and curved options as well. These are great products to give the garden a beautiful finish. Do you require tree rings to highlight garden features? Fine form manufacture square and round tree rings in full and half options. Come in check them out!

Home Improvements

The team at Fine Form manufacture slabs for air-conditioners and hot water systems. We also manufacture house stumps for patio and house renovations.

We can custom make window sills, door thresholds and mantles as well.

Fine Form has produced several unique pieces for Government departments, local councils and home owners.