Fine Form Pre-cast Solutions was contracted by Chambers Earthworks to construct three 5m x 5m pre-cast concrete stormwater pits.  These pits were for redirection works of the Coffs Harbour City Councils main stormwater system that runs under Harbour Drive.  This was essential to accommodate the development of Coffs Central Shopping Centre.  Fine Form was required to design and construct the under-road stormwater pits to handle heavy traffic loads. The pits had to accommodate 2 x 1375mm diameter stormwater pipes located side by side and running at various angles.

We manufactured the walls and lids at our Woolgoolga facility. When they were required, we transported the components to Coffs Central for installation.  Fine Form stood the wall panels in position around the pipes, then poured the base in situ to create the pit. The lids were 2.5m x 5m weighing 8 tonnes. They were craned into position and ready to take traffic. The project was completed ahead of schedule and Harbour Drive today shows no sign of the major work that went on below the surface.

Our ability to tackle such challenging projects is what enables Fine Form Pre-cast to take on jobs of this magnitude with success.  Jukka has taught his staff over many years that there is a lot more that goes into making a precast panel than just reinforcement steel and concrete.